Joshua at home Jan 2007.


I am ready!  To take you to the park in style. My white shirt and trousers are permanent press. My personality is:
Calm, Smart and Gentle
I am 2 years old and thereby past the "Dude Age" that my brother Jacob is still lingering in.  Also, while Jacob might  be considered a medium sized hound, I am at 60 lbs most definitely a large hound. 

I just travelled from WV where a wonderful rescue organization saved me from a certain fate in a remote rural shelter.  I love other dogs large and small, would not hurt a cat, but not sure what I might do when meeting a coon.   

Being a gentle sort in an athletic body, I would enjoy both an athletic walk or hike as well as a leisurely walk with frequent stops and play meetings in the dog park.                  

If  you are partial to Labradors, you will LOVE a hound.   Come and take a test walk with me!




Catching the last rays of fall sun