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Josephine is in foster care in Upstate New York

My name is Josephine I am a most submissive pup, just about a year old.  I stay close to people for comfort and security. If at all possible I try to climb into a lap. When meeting new people or dogs I drop onto my belly and often turn up my belly to show everyone that I am a complete omega as far as pack order goes.

I have been spayed and and I am being treated for a mild heartworm infection.  I weigh 45 lbs. I walk like a pointer, measured and gentle, but I have anything but a hunting personality. I would probably come home with a bunch of ducks and geese in tow so I can cuddle and play with them. I have a bit of an underbite, and might have an American Bulldog in my family besides the pointer. My personality is rather low energy, and I roll on my back and turn over a few times when greeting you! 

I would do best in a quiet home, because I become tense when meeting a lot of new people. I try to make myself invisible in such a situation, but that will all be overcome in time!  

Do you have a spot for me?

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Josephine is in foster care in Upstate New York






I hope that by the time I worked this old soup bone down to an inch you will take me home!




In South Carolina

 Paws and Claws Humane Society Chesterfield SC