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I have been scared out of my wits lately , before getting rescued from the South Carolina pound and getting a ride up North. Talking about wits, I have a lot of those. If I may say so my self, I am quite smart. And a schmoozer once I feel that I am welcome and treated well. And I love other dogs, have yet to get into even a squabble with any of them. If another female dog who thinks she is in charge here walks up to me in a dominant posture, I will give her a quick counter posture and growl, and she gets the idea right away and goes her way. 
I don't always come right away when called: I just smile and wag my tail furiously and then sit down and watch the birds. But in the end I will come. 

Lately though I have been allowed to run off leash, and I circle like any good herding dog, but never venture far away from home base.

With people of course I am completely trustworthy and would never take any liberties other than maybe some "obedience delay" when I am having too much fun to come back into the house right away. I think I might even be allowed to go live with a family with kids under 10. I don't protect "resources" such as food or bones or fluffy squeaky toys (which have a life expectancy of about 15 minutes once in my possession).

I have "heart worm" - but because I am young,(,y teeth look like I am not more than 2 years old),  and have no symptoms, I will not need injections to kill all the adult worms at once. Just have to stay on heart worm medication all year round until all the adult worms die of old age in two to 3 years. I am getting a monthly dose of inexpensive Moxidectin .It kills the larval stage of heartworms and probably some of the adults, too.
"The Old Country Vet" , read what he has to say about heartworm treatment.

If you would like to come and take me for a spin, please fill out an application and come!!

PS I do chase cats. Not sure what I would do if I could get near on, but I doubt that a cat would be happy if forced to live in my company.

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This was back in August when I had just come here a day earlier, and I was skinny but happy!