Mix a Corgi and a Chihuahua - and what do you get? A knock -off Mini German Shephard! That is me. 
As a tiny pup I was adopted from a South Carolina shelter. My parents supposedly were a Corgi and a Chihuahua. Why did my owners think I would not grow up and look like a Corgi? I was not small enough. So when I wa little over as a year old not long ago and fully grown at about 20 lbs, they turned me into a shelter. I was so scared. Not at all used to other dogs, and suddenly I was thrown into the middle of a crowd of rambunctious dogs of all sizes. My tail went into hiding for days and I wanted to crawl into a hole in the wall.
Then one day I was taken onto a two day car drive North, and came to this here foster home. I was still very unsure of myself and crawled on my belly for a few days instead of walking upright. But it only took  a week and I got the idea.
I made friends with the other dogs and had a blast playing the rabbit. Fast as a rabbit I would invite them to chase me and outrun them each time! Now I am an athletic little runner, I never run away even when not on a leash, come immediately when called by my name.
I learned my new name in only a few days. When I came here I was called Bella Faye, arrggh, I never listened to that name.  My inner dog is not a Southern Belle but a Tom Boy!!

I do have some "couch potential" - although I only jump up there on invitation.  Mostly I would sit next to you and put my head onto your knees, and then my paw. And yes, I know to shake paw, I sit, and I walk well on leash. I am fiercely house trained. I love my crate, you can leave the door open, I have a 2nd story crate and I jump in and out just for fun.
I am always hungry and eat ANYTHING...I am not pleased when another dog gets too close to my food.  Of course had the fix and enough "shots" for a life time.. No heartworms either.

I could be a therapy dog OR an agility dog, or both, or just YOUR dog.
So come over and take me for a walk! 

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There is that little Jack down there chasing the water hose!



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