Home!  Bailey is my name
Here is my buddy ELLIOT, he also came from this here godforsaken Terrior Bootcamp:


I am called "The Brain" here at the Terrier Bootcamp.  As far as my body, I look like one of those dogs who are designed by a committee and made from spare parts.  Dachshund parts, Wirehaired Terrier parts, misaligned,  maloccluded and somewhat crooked teeth and legs.. I was not really considered Adoption Material at the shelter, guess I get scared easily and have that scary gargoyle look when I bark. But it's all  bark and noise, once I feel safe I am the most affectionate little guy. Did I tell you that I am smart? I hear that every day when I learn new tricks. Like I invented the routine that when I am called by my name I jump up onto a chair, racing through the room to get there as fast as my short legs take me, expecting to be picked up and placed back into my crate.  I do like my crate. Boy, could I learn Agility! 
Not much is know about my past, I am about 2 years old, 15 lbs, and have been fixed and all.  I do get along with other dogs, but I am not a pushover if you know what I mean. I never fight,though, just bark when I am annoyed at a feisty terrier.
When I get to go outdoors I take care of my business promptly.  My crate is pristine. I eat almost anything. Was very thin  and hungry when I first came, but now I am compact and healthy.

Because of my Friskiness I am not the right dog for a family with kids under 10.  Like most terriers around here.

Please send me an email if you have a lead for me to

Rescueadopt@Earthlink.net     attention Kirby