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Lambert and his little herd!


I wonder.  If I don't make the cut as a pet dog and don't get adopted, maybe I should try as a Ruminant.  Like a Sheep?  I do love grass.  I could take care of the lawn. At the same time I can keep nosy deer in check.  And during off season I could do double  duty as a house dog.  I am not asking for much.  I am not an emotional dog.  Guess lost much of that when I got dumped by my "owners" .  Moving away they said.  New house, new dog.  Here I am.  I am not demonstrative, but once in a while I steal in a kiss or a lick or a restrained tail wag.  I was very scared when someone drove me to the vet for a fix, I thought I was going to be dumped again.  I remember all of that.  Just not showing my feelings much any more. 
Anyway, I am giving it a try here in cyberspace as a dog.  Calm, dignified, of course housetrained.  I do love to run a straight line, so I need to be walked on a leash only.
Must be that Wolfhound in me.  Where did I inherit that wiry crown from?  Maybe an Airdale? Or a Kerry Blue. Who knows, I am me, no other dogs looks like me.  Which brings me back to plan B: Sheep.

Email: Lambert@Newleadonlife.com

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Do I look like  a Goat? Another possibility!