ADOPTED    -    Dream come true

I have been having my doubts....

About being a Redbone Coonhound. First of all: I don't bay, I just plain bark like a regular dog. And then, the other day, someone said that I look like a Rhodesian Ridgeback! Now I cannot see my back, but I don't think I have a ridge up there. That could still make me a Redbone Ridgeback! A Designer Dog!

Then why did I end up in a rural shelter in Ohio? Scroll down for my sad shelter photo. But these days I am back to my old happy self: I love to run , and watch other dogs and people walking by. I rarely bark, only if there is cause of alarm, like someone coming to the door in this here foster home. I get along with all dogs here. I am very house trained, and I walk well on leash. I am a funny, affectionate "people dog", weigh 43 lbs, fixed and all, middle aged but quite healthy!

Could I be your dog?


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At the Ohio pound where my life almost ended in a gas box