Adopted. Gone Home!

My name was Highway, to be exact - I 95. Now it's Louis, yes, I finally settled on that name. love it! I was found  wandering on I 95, near a rest stop. Nobody was missing a five pound little guy, and so I was taken to a shelter in South Carolina. Of course I was very scared, but the staff was kind and gentle with me and arranged for me to travel up North. So here I am , in a foster home in NY. It took exactly one good meal and I felt right at home and weaved around the house and made contact with some of the other dogs here. I am very easy going. At first take I was thought to be a Chihuahua, but actually, I am probably some "designer breed" - your guess is as good as mine. My personality and playful attitude is definitely terrier, maybe Toy Fox Terrier. I run and keep up with the fasted crowd here! And I do have terrier ears to boot! There is another best guess: Pug/Toy fox terrier mix. 
Besides having been fixed a long time ago, I also had some "dental work" done in the past - some of my left molars have been pulled, and my tongue lost it's support system on the left side. I still have lots of healthy, good looking teeth left in the back and front. I like chew toys and eat dry dog food, but I love the home cooked variety!
Housetraining?  I do my business outside on cue!  I am not a territorial marker if you get my drift. I am not that familiar with walking on a leash, but I am learning.  Age?  Run and play like a 2 year old, but my eyes show that I am over 6  years old probably.
I don't have heart-  or any other kind of worms, had all my vaccines, I am  ready to look for a home all of my own. I am content here and happy, but I really could use more one-on-one, and also some extra "Lap Time".
I get along great with other dogs. No need to put up the "big dog in a small body" show, I mingle easily and get respect like any other dog. 

Please send an adoption application!

We don't usually place toy breed dogs (under 10 lbs weight) into families with children under 10.




I run fast!  In grass, not on highways,


First night here





The shelter may have been scary at first, but I got special care!