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Buddy Ty

Kylie  (aka Lucy) - a little goat after al?





Don't I look like a big white serious dog on this picture? Deep in thoughts about the meaning of being a companion dog and still have LOTS of fun.. Never mind it took 10 minutes and 50 spins to get me to sit in that meditating position. Look closely at the leash: it is all twisted from my jumping around in circles. 

In reality I only weigh all of 10 lbs.   I am in constant motion, sideways and upwards. And love to play with the boys. When I am not running, jumping or climbing up the wall,  I love to sit on your lap! I think when I grow up I will be a lap dog!  Also,  I am not a a hunter at all like some small dogs I know!  All I want is have fun and move! 

Look closely at this  revealing photo -yes, I have been a mom to at least one litter of pups - like almost all female pups in South Carolina by the age of 18 months. And I have a well healed scar on my neck - that was from a collar that my owner forgot to loosen when I grew up. It cut deep into the neck. But just in time I was taken to a shelter in SC where the wonderful staff took me to the vet and then gave me medicine until the deep wound healed.

Not long ago I got a lift North and now I am enjoying life in the company of mostly terriers!  Although it is open to discussion how much of my unique mix is a Jack Russel terrier and how much is a Chihuahua - a breed by itself and with the self image of a Doberman Pinscher.

I have already learned to do my business outdoors, and although I would rather play, I do settle down n a crate if I must. After a bit of vocal protest of course,  to make sure his does not become a habit - being stuck into a crate that is. But I admit, leaving me alone uncrated might get me into trouble, like locking myself into a closet or refrigerator or such.  I am pretty smart of course if I may say so myself. And could be a loyal dog!

Soon I will be looking for a home for myself...... I don't take up much space!

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Lucy is in fostercare in NY State




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