Boy, if I have to sit for more  "photo shoots",  I might need a neck adjustment. Not that I mind, I am a natural for the camera, I love to schmooze.  I also love to run, especially in high grass and low shrubbery. There I jump high like a little goat, and I think I might be "agility material"! 

I am still a pup - under 2 years old. Born in North Carolina, saved from  early death in a shelter, and now I am in this here "terrier bootcamp" . I can teach the terriers a thing or two.. While they chase and act like rascals, my buddy Rudi - you can see him in the video - and me are strictly "herders". I can do the "Border Collie Stare" to perfection.

 I am very affectionate with people. Gradually have evolved into a "velcro" dog, There is a cat hiding behind those piercing eyes.. And get along well with other dogs, and that includes small grouchy terriers. I  weigh only 28 lbs, maybe a "mini Ausie/Border Collie? Fixed, no heartworms. 

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