I am a late bloomer, little over 2 years old but I still think of myself as a pup. Cautiously exploring the world around me. I figured out the indoors, the other dogs, and PEOPLE! Outdoors is still a big mystery, but I have started running big circles now. When I first came here, I used to just stand, turn in a circle and scan the neighborhood. I watch moving objects far away, and I guess that is the reason I have not yet been allowed to run off leash here, I might want to investigate. But actually, I am very home oriented now, and especially in cold weather I make my rounds and return to the door with 5 minutes or less. 

After all I am a "Southerner", born in South Carolina, turned into a shelter once I reached 60 lbs. When I was brought to this here fosterhome, I was a bit skinny and always hungry. I think I will never be relaxed around food. I watch calmly while the food is prepared, but when it is actual feeding time, I start an excited  dance and yodle. Nothing short of locking me out onto the deck  - or a big bowl of food - will calm me down. Growing up to be a big dog down South was not easy.

I love people, and other dogs. Curious about cats that I occasionally see from a distance. 70 lbs, housetrained, spayed, heartworm free, walk calmly on leash.

Spring will come, and maybe this is the year you will discover me in cyberspace!

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Thank you Susan for saving my life. Because my "owners turned me in to AC and said that I am "food aggressive" - I almost lost my life that day..