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Happy Mackenzie

I got this awful haircut BEFORE I was adopted.



  Mackenzie is in foster care in Upstate New York 

I was terrified at the shelter in North Carolina. I just stayed flat on the floor or rolled on my back in submission. Now I am in a  foster home.  Gradually over a few weeks I have come to understand that life is fun.  Running in grass is pure joy.  Nobody pushes me away, locks me in or locks me out.   
For the first few weeks I watched the other dogs from within my open crate. Now I venture out of my crate and join them. Tail is up an wagging much of the time.

 My coat is baby soft underneath a rough outer coat.
I am an Aussie. With a terrier look. Not sure wether I will ever get over my shyness enough to learn to herd or run agility course, but it sure would help me build up my confidence. My age? About 2 years old, healthy, spayed, hw negative and all that.
I am so happy here, but I have come far enough to be happy in your house,too!

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I got a haircut today, sort of. I feel so good. Like a new dog. Lots of fluff came off, yes. I feel much lighter and free without the thick coat. Should it become cold again I will grow it right back..