Maddie was a pet dog living with a family in WV.  However she had to produce litter after litter of Plott hound pups. Then last  summer she was relinquished to a WV rescue organization and  given much needed care and lots of TLC in a  WV fosterhome. 
Maddie is a grand lady!  Smart, with a mind of her own true to  hound tradition, but easily convinced to change her mind.  She is calm, rarely heard. She barks, does not bay like a hound.
She does not mind spending time in her comfortable crate, although she would prefer a dogbed, couch, chair or just generally the living room.  She is very neat and is housetrained.  She would not mind being home alone  all day, as long as she gets two nice walks to read the daily news out there  in the grass, shrubs and trees. Her nose is a little too much up in the air taking in distant scents to allow her to run off leash.
When walking with other dogs she ften falls into joyous gallop. She would love a fenced in backyard! 
She is fine with resident cats.  One of her favorite activities - right next to watching the refrigerator -is watching TV.