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Earlier in August my brother Mo and me  got a ride across 6 states to Upstate New York.  I am now 5 - 6 months old. weighed 29 lbs 2 weeks ago, and I think being a Lab-Collie mix I might end up being 40 - 50 lbs when done growing!  

I finally was allowed to go down to the river, and without a second thought I jumped into the water and swam!  Had to be dragged out on my leash. Speaking of leash, I still walk like a goat on a leash, but I am getting some "leash training" now. I am not pulling, just don't understand which side I am supposed to walk on.

I am also getting the house breaking thing resolved, just take me outside and I do my business. Of course I love my crate and will let you know loud and clear when I must get out! And that rarely happens during the night, I like to have my 7 hours of beauty sleep.

Could I be your hound?

Please send an Adoption application!
Email: Maddie@Rescueadopt.com

"Puppy Videos" from a few weeks ago: VIDEO (windows media player - takes a minute to load ,higher resolution)   
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Still have not been down to the river....yet







My brothers and me at the shelter in South Carolina