I am starting to grow roots in this here foster home, so I am checking into cyberspace, maybe you are looking for a dog just like me: smart and wiry, not too small and not too big, a little shy at first, well behaved and respectful and actually have never even growled. And I have been here now for a few weeks, so my inner dog has shown herself. What you see now is what I am: a sweet, affectionate young terrier who loves to check out the outdoors, and happily comes running back into the house when called. 

My breed ? Terrier ears, short wiry coat, grey-blue tweed with tan accents, beard, about 30 lbs.  Griffon-JR cross? Or Welsh Terrier/Blue Heeler cross? 

If you have to ask, yes, I am fixed and I am heartworm free. Under 2 years old.  I ended up in a shelter in South Carolina , You can tell I was confused and very sad.  It took a while even in this foster home before I felt safe and secure .

I am not yet trusted off leash , I am just too curious! 

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At the shelter in Darlington, South Carolina