Going Home

Magguire - short: Maggie. I also listen to Maddie, name fits me. I actually listen to ANY name. Call me, and I am right over. Staring and wagging my tail furiously. All ears and eyes. Must have had a Border Collie dad. But I am small, a sturdy little 20 lbs. Athletic, bouncing and dancing when I am not rolling on my back. So maybe I have a Cairn Terrier mom. Or maybe the other way around, because if my Dad was a Cairn, no problem. 

Although I did jump a 4 foot deck once,on the first day, it was only to greet Bogart - who has left a  few weeks ago, to a dream forever home.

However being a mix of a Terrier and a Herder gives me a real personality conflict.  One part of me wants to follow my nose and run,run,run. The other part circles around and around jumping up and and staring at you for clues. So maybe that is why I heard I am a "piece of work" when I first came to this here fosterhome.  Crrrazy! But now I have found my inner dog, and I am actually quite calm and very managable, and I have been told, quite smart, if I may say so myself.  Getting the hang of housebreaking,too. 

When I first travelled here from WV, they were sure I was "with pups". Oh boy, did I fool them. Just had a fat little stomach, maybe some parasites, and now I am as trim and athletic as a 6 months old pup. Big sigh of relief I hear. All they needed wa a bunch of little bushytailed brighteyed rug rats like me!

I have a date for a fix - fix WHAT!  and then I might be looking for that great Terrier-Border Collie home. My person(s) out there are looking for a dog just like me!

Email: Magguire@Rescueadopt.com

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The adoption fee is 300 Dollars which covers vet expenses and rescue expenses.