Family visit - with Barney, a friend from NY "boot camp"


I just wanted to give you an update on Mack!!  We all love him!  He had a wonderful ride from NY to Maine, just sat happily between the kids the entire time.  He is such a happy dog!!  We gave him a bath on Saturday, and brush him every day, so his coat is so fluffy and shiny. We walk him all the time--we have a cul-de-sac up the road, so we walk over to that, around and back.  He's great on the leash!  I brought him to the vet's on Tuesday morning with his paperwork.  The vet sat on the floor with him and just patted him the whole time.  I did get the heartworm pills and Frontline and will give both tomorrow.  He really is the perfect dog for us.  The cats are still adjusting!  During the day, they hide themselves upstairs, and when we take him out, I call the kitties and tell them to come out!  And at night he sleeps in his crate in one of of the girls'  room, and when they hear that door close, they all magically appear!!




I ended up in a shelter in North Carolina - no fault of mine but probably "the economy"..   Llook at the shelter photo further down: bright-eyed and bushy-tailed - I never felt that this would  be the end.  Now I know that it was a close call, some days as many as 30 or 40 dogs are impounded at this shelter... I met so many new dog lovers -the rescuer who took the photo and sent it out on the Internet, and then  got me out of the shelter, to a vet  and then to a safe place, and another rescuer who drove me to a foster home a couple hours away, and then more dog lovers who drove me North , and the great family who let me stay overnight. 
I love people as long as I don't have to be afraid. And I also love other dogs, as long as they are friendly and playful as I am.  
I am quite healthy, no heartworm either. I am neither a pup nor mature, I am somewhere in the middle, 3-4 years old.  And breed? I think I may be a "Farm Collie" ! The old type from way back when collies worked in all kinds of jobs - herding, guarding, and of course playing!
Could we meet and go for a long walk along the river? And maybe I can go home with you!  .
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At  the shelter in North Carolina