Makabee - now called TULA  aka Tolken - at home
I am Makabee.  From Brooklyn. Don't know why I ended up in a shelter.  Maybe because I love to give bear hugs  That is probably the worst thing I do. I am affectionate.  I get along with everyone. No food aggression, no sibling rivalry, no separation anxiety. No nothing.  Maybe because I am big!   I am only 9 months old and already over 40 lbs!  Where will it end!   Am I an Irish Wolfhound? Mix? That is what someone said, because  I have that look, the eyes. Might also be an Airdale Mix.  Because I am big I might also land a job as Sandy - in Orphan Annie  Cooper did, and also McDuff - and he was a knucklehead. 

I am looking for a good home. Where I would not have to leave because I am big or I am affectionate or who knows what reason humans have to drop us off at a scary place like a shelter. 

Do you have any lead for me?