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When I first came from the shelter I was just a basket case. Too shy to be adopted at the shelter.  Not that growled, but just shaking, Now after a few weeks in a fosterhome. I am a my own dog again.  Never get tired of playing, with a bone, a ball or best with another dog! And not shy about letting it be known thay I need to get out of my crate ever so often for exercise. Because I don't want to become pudgy, because I am small with  short legs and I Love food. So give me exercise time. I don't even mind the cold and rain and snow. But then the snow up here was twice as high as me, cannot wait for it to be all gone so I can run. I would  really like to be adopted by someone who likes the outdoors, hiking, walking a mile. 

I am a well behaved dog, very reasonable in my needs: occasional brushing, a hug here and there, a long walk or two, healthy food -the kind you eat - and a dog bed or crate is all I need. What breed? Shirt legs, long strecth body - they said I am a Corgi mix. But look at my ears? Don't they look JR or some  Irish terrier? How old? 18 months.  Why was I at te shelter? Owner had too many dogs.

I do love other dogs, so I would also be a good buddy for your dog!

I am of course up to snuff on all my shots and heartworm test and fix. Regained my composure, and ready to go home with you!


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Marie Lou is in a fosterhome in NY State.



I am so unphotogenic, it is not funny. 8 out of 10 photos I look as if I had just been caught stealing dinner off the table.  Even if I had thought of such a thing, I could never dream of doing it with my short legs.

Here I am with Molly. Supposedly she is a "feral" - used to live on a NJ highwy.  Just want to show yo how small I am , 22 lbs last time they checked,. might have packed on a pound since.





At the shelter