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Max was adopted and is on his way to Maine! Going North..

Max  is in foster care in Upstate New York 

Not much is known about my distant past other than that I avoided an Ohio gas chamber by a hair.   I am a large Border Collie.  Calm except when I am getting ready for a walk. I do not nip heels. Actually I am not really interested in herding anything that moves, rather I have my nose in the air in the northerly direction, as if searching for a distant scent.  

As far as house manners: I get A's, and I am allowed th run of the house, but often sleep in an open crate or if at all possible on a dog bed or ... couch.

I am smart, if I may say so myself, you can tell when looking into my eyes. I have only one endearing learned "trick" that I am using enthousiastically: I extend my paws on command, and more often without being asked,  knowing that it makes me irresistable and I can get a pat or rub.

My age is estimated to be "retirement age " in human years.  However in Border Collie years it is just past the hyperactive years and becoming a "regular dog". 

So if are looking for a smart, dignified yet athletic Collie look no further!

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Cooper streaking by. He is still in the crazy herding phase