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Roxy (aka Maxi) and Maxwell.



Maxie  is in foster care in Upstate New York




Boy. I am just so glad they are not calling me ..Electra. 
Must have gotten those eyes and the classic coat colors.from a Husky. Ears and freckles from a Spaniel, maybe a Brittany? Skinny and petite  25lbs  -should be about  30 lbs.  Was a stray. Have been around, had puppies not that long ago. But I am so happy in this here fosterhome! When taken outdoors I cannot wait to go back inside! And play,play with the guys. I am a bit of an alpha myself, so I can keep up with the best of them.  I am affectionate. And a quick learner! I sit. Want to please. 

I am a dog for life! 


Yes, I am a small  to medium sized dog. I appreciate that these pictures make be look like a "husky size" BIG dog, but I am actually more like a beagle with long legs. I have an appointment for soem sort of fix, then I can move on to my forever home. Could it be your home?

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