My name is Maya .  Last month, after a short life of only 9 months. I was dumped into a GA shelter with my sister April.  We were terrified, and are only slowly coming out of our shell.   Both of us love shoes and chew bones!  We also love to "socialize " with other dogs, and sleeping on the couch if no one watches.  Most of the time though we sleep on some nice blankets  (that we do not eat). 
We came from a certain corner of Georgia, the same corner that Sebastian was dumped in a pound.  So now I am wondering if we are maybe related?  Although he is bigger than me.  And quite a lot  bigger than April.
Although we are  still cautious, we are already starting to wag our  tails and roll on our back for a belly rub  when a person comes up to us.  And  yes, both of us know the difference between indoors and outdoors.
We need good homes now,  one for each.  We will be devoted, and so grateful for every little thing such as good food and a cushy place to sleep.   No, we are no noisy, actually you could forget we are even here, because we are never heard off.

Please come and take me for a walk!


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