Had it not been for a Georgia rescuer who published this heart breaking photo on her web site,  Maya and her pup almost certainly would have died in a Southern Animal Control pound.  Dumped by a heartless owner, with one single 4 months old pup.  She is now safe in fostercare in the North East, spayed, healthy and happy.  Her personality is wonderful: she is calm, focused and very intelligent.  Although she loves the outdoors, she would prefer a spot on a couch or in a dog bed any time. 
Not a working breed, but a devoted companion dog. And her breed mix is still debated.  She weighs only about 45 lbs and is fully grown.  She has the grace of Thoroughbred.. Maybe a whippet in the mix, and most likely a black Lab as well.  Her age is estimated between one and two years, she has brilliant white teeth.

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