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I am a "one of a kind" dog. Intense.and, if I may say so myself - smart. Maybe too smart. Although I may look like a giant stuffed dog, I am way too intense for little kids to play with. Exuberant. I will sit in your lap after the first kiss! I am so starved for affection 
I don't need much exercise (although I do love to run and roll in the grass with a few dog buddies). I am very neat in and out of my crate. I am curious about cats but would never hurt one.
Where did I come from? Brooklyn! I was dumped at the city shelter, with a rather pompous name -Astaria. You could tell that I was not given much human affection, I was very shy and independant and proud. Once in a fosterhome I soon turned into a submissive schmoozer, trying to catch up on affection. I was so starved for affection. But - I do not suffer from separation anxiety, like whining when left alone. Nah, I am calm and quiet and actually love my crate and stay in there even with the door open. It's my den.
I am 2 years old! What you see is what you get. I will not grow and will always fit into your lap. 

What breed? They are still guessing. Maybe some kind of Russian Oshkosh or SouthWestern Ovtsharka? Who knows, you can find any rare breed in a Metropolitan shelter. 

Maybe I could grow on you? There must be an intense and affectionate dog lover out there, with room for a 40 lbs black shaggy lapdog!
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My friend "Ike"  - he cannot help it, he must herd anything that moves.