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Mcadoo  is in foster care in Upstate New York

I am a little guy. And on top of that everybody calls me "she"! But I don;t mind not being top dog. I just love the company of other dogs, and even more of humans! I snuggle against legs of anyone who pays attention to me. Down South where I was born, dogs are not given much attention. We often are toys for the kids, and we run free through the neighbourhood until we end up at the shelter. Sometimes 50 dogs/week. So you can imagine what happens to most of us... I was one happy dog when I went on a long drive up North. The first step to a good home! 
They think I might have a Cairn parent, and maybe even a BorderCollie great grand father! My coat stays at this length, so I only need brushing. I am real neat in my crate, and not a messy at all, like most of us dogs who have spent much time outside. We know the difference between indoors and outdoors. I am young, my teeth look like I am probably under 2 years old.. 

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