I just got here 4 hours ago, and I am already at home as if I had lived here all my life! 
I do love other dogs (and cats,too!) , but while at the shelter I just bounced off the wall with all that barking around me.  Now I am again myself: happy, not a mean bone in me, you can steal my food from under my nose, I don't mind. 
I was a stray, but this is the time of the year and the place for summer vacationers to "forget" the pets they got for the kids to play with while spending the summer. I guess I am a lucky dog after all. 
Even if they try, there is nothing really unpleasant to be said about me, except maybe that I am not used to "slowly" walking  on a leash. But - I very endearingly stretch out my paw on command, and I sit , after 4 to 5 repeat "SIT" commands.  I am calm,too.  Not hyper at all.  And neat! And young, too. healthy.  Up to snuff on all shots.
Breed? Wired terrier, but I have Beagle about me,too,  my coat is a muted tricolor. Actually, I look like one of those unpronouncable Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen - PBGV.
Small,  about 20 lbs, bit skinny, should be about 25 lbs..

I would be a good family dog, or would fit into just about any good home!

Please send an adoption application

Starting to feel funny, what is in that weed?