I am McAllyn.  Actually I made up this name and I am not sure that it really is a name.  I also just got here, and I am looking for my forever home.  I am 6 months old, and I am hearing a lot of "GoodDoggie" here, because I am so well behaved.  Not much is known about where I came from other than that I ended up in a big shelter. Do I look like I was trouble for my owner? I am really quiet when you cover up my crate with a green towel, and I sleep through the night. 
Do you know someone who needs a terrier like me? I don't know what kind of terrier I am, mixed, maybe some Beardie in there ,too, and some Wheatie, and maybe also some Airhead. I am now 25 lbs and will probably be somewhere between 40 and 50 lbs when done growing.

Please write me and also please send an OnlineAdoption Application so we can meet!