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I am a  making steady progress when it comes to coordinated leash walking!  I no longer  pull on my leash,  but for fun I might still  wiggle and jump in the air for some vertical exercise. 
I love the river behind the house. Right away I waded into the water, I checked it out carefully before becoming water borne . I would have  been en route down stream - if the leash had not held me back.  
I have a passion for sticks and balls!  Watch this video clip to see me in action.
I am stretched out in a large crate when not closely supervised or outdoors. As I am told this is for my own safety and "material preservation".
I was brought here from the corner of Kentucky, Ohio and WV, a few weeks ago. Had been a stray and was taken by Animal Control to the shelter.  Looking at my porcelain white teeth, I am way under two years old.  Remember - us terriers don't really grow up until we are 8.  Had that fix of course, up to snuff on vaccine , no heart or other worms.

Breed?  I am thought to be an Airdale Mix - but there is a whole lot of other breed in me.  Could be a Golden  (I have a rapid coat turn over and need constant brushing). Although I am not a giant, weight 58 lbs, I have that "Irish Wolfhound Look"  And I am not to be trusted off leash! So maybe I am a "Golden Wolfhound". A "Designer Breed" ? Selection of smart, loyal and endearing!

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You mean "RIGHT AWAY"?