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I may be a little guy - all of 18 lbs - but I have the heart and mind of a brave, courageous BIG dog.  I am easily scared , but not intimidated.  I am not aggressive, just stand my man when I fear the worst.  Like being taken into a vet's exam room.  I scream in fear.  I hope I will forget some day soon why I am so scared of  vets'  offices.
In familiar surroundings  I am a jolly, bouncy and happy terrier!  Maybe some Corgi mixed in?  Look at my ears. And I do like to circle around people, so I have quite a mixed heritage - terrier and herding dog. ( I do not dig. I do not chase.)
I will jump right into your arms, but now I hear I am not supposed to show off my jumping skills, so I SIT instead.  I walk nicely on leash if I have to, but I really prefer to "free-roam"  - I listen when called. 
I was a stray so not much is known, if only I could tell. 
My age is somewhere around 2 years. I  am a quiet and patient dog, go straight into my crate, guess it feels like a cozy den.  I love to stretch out in there and work on my chew bone.  I have chiselled it down to half size, but way to go.
Now I am looking for a forever home. Although I love every creature, I don't think they are thinking of a home with kids under 10 for me.
Cats are fine with me. And I am always ready for a good romp with another friendly dog.

Please send  an adoption application