I am starting a new life, with a new name: McBess.   My life almost came to an end,  in a Georgia pound, with so many dogs, no room, nobody who wants to adopt a big black shaggy dog. I love people,though.  Not afraid at all. My favorite place to hang out is a couch, but I am not allowed on the couch in this here fosterhome. So I wait in my crate, and hoping that my person (s) will see me here in cycberspace.  A big dog bed will do.  I am quite civilized indoors if you know what I mean, and although I look I might be mischievous, I am really not. I desperately try to please.
They think I am just about fully grown, somewhere between a year and two old. Having a fix done any day now,I hear. 
Please let them folks here know soon if I am YOUR dog! 
Send them an application by email:
Adoption application - Please click here
and send it all to : Rescueadopt@earthlink.net

Please click here and read about got here from GA