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Max aka McButtons at home:



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McButtons  is in foster care in Upstate New York

I am one of those hard to photograph dogs, because I never take my eyes of the camera lens, so all you get are frontal views. Should I ever turn away I race around like an irwish, so you need a sports lens to capture me in motion. Add to that my many shades of grey, and you can see I am a complex dog. 

I love people and also other dogs. I shake paw and sit. I must have been someones's pet, but then I ended up in a kill shelter in North Carolina and almost in the gas chamber if it had not been for a rescuer stopping by and spotting me. She thought I was cute as a button, so that name stuck.

I am a  young, small dog, 15-20 lbs, have tweed grey hair with some shades of taupe, and I could use a professional haircut. You could adopt me and take me to Groomingdales, and then walk me in the park!

Healthy?Yes,hw negative.. So what is keeping you from sending an application so we can meet for a walk!  Maybe a forever walk!

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