If I was a few years younger I might have made it to the Theater!  As Sandy. I have that look, sincere, devoted, loyal.  I am obedient,too and eager to please. So why did I end up as a stray in Brooklyn?  Maybe I am not cut out to live in an apartment?  I LOVE water.  Cannot get wet enough.  Before they -forcefully- removed my coat, my matted coat, especially my beard, was always dripping wet. There was a lot of rain, so I had a field day  outdoors. 
They said I am 3 1/2  years old, fixed and all.  I love other dogs, and I am a very amicable, pleasant fellow!  A little sad for sure.  A dog like me does not just cut loose from a home they  spent the first 3 years of their life in and start all over again without  a bit of melancholy.   Still , I am starting to feel content and happy again. I cannot look into the future, but I hope there will be a new  life for me.

Please send an adoption application