He was left in a Brooklyn apartment - then spent a month at a city shelter. Still he was a happy, friendly dog when rescued. Skinny and hungry. He is over 10 years old, but one would never guess his age when watching him. He is still quick and playful. He seems to be a mix of a Jack Russel terrier - wiry coat, and an Aussie! About 30 lbs.The JR part gives him the quick, frisky personality and of course smarts! The Aussie part adds friendly personality and , yes, obedient behaviour. McGyver is a happy dog, but he would be even happier if he had a family of his own.
McGyver does have a recent medical problem: When excited he had a brief epileptic seizure. This was only observed once so far, and he quickly recovered. No recurrence, and although medication is available, it has been held for now.