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McIver finally had a haircut..The birds worked overtime collecting the huge masses of nesting material  that used to be his coat. He looks lik a different dog.

I might look like a  wild,wooly North Carolina Mountain Terrier, but I was so scared at the shelter that I had to be carried out. Now in my fosterhome, it did not take much time for me to come out of my wooly shell and show my funny , affectionate side. I love other dogs, as long as they don't steal my food. Underneath my thick coat I was skinny, but since I love to eat, I filled out soon.

My breed? Nobody can say for sure: my coat is thick, like a Briard? or Keeshond? Or maybe a Beardie? My tail is curled high over my back.

I am only about a year old.  Crate trained and pretty much housetrained,too.  I walk well on leash  -when I am not afraid -then I don't walk at all.

I had all my vaccinations and hw test and fix. Now that I am no longer scared,  I am lookng for a wonderful home where I can stay safely for the rest of my life...


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McIver as rescued from a North Carolina Shelter,


The original McIver