Duncan is continuing to do well.  He loves my husband, who is devoted to his care.  Lately he even tugs at his arm in an effort to play and growls ferociously - (all show). He is acting more lively and friendly to visitors.  We've grown more and more fond of him.  He loves the "country" and charges ducks in the back yard and can see squirrels from quite a distance, charging them too.

Duncan  aka McIver - at   home - after a trip to the vet/groomer. He much prefers home.

Even if he looks at you with only one eye, you can see a soul!
We don't know why this little dog ended up in a busy shelter. He appeared well taken care of and confident, perfectly housetrained, just very confused and depressed while at the shelter. He has regained his cheerful, happy attitude. He is not a youngster, is missing quite a few teeth, but he is otherwise in excellent health and physical shape. He probably lost his right eye many years ago.
Duncan gets along well with other dogs. He is an Omega.
His tail is docked, and he he may be a Cairn terrier.
He is now hoping to find a quiet and loving for-ever home. If taken care of well he still has a quite a few healthy years ahead.

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