Yes, I am cute and small, only 13 lbs, but...I am very smart if I may say so myself, and I don't like to be the under dog when it comes to pack order. With dogs that it, never with people. Although I am not so sure about tiny tots in a family.  

Although I am small in stature, my inner dog is big! And I have a hot temper and don't get scared when a larger dog looks at me in a cross way, if you get my drift. I may have a Scottie  parent, maybe also a Cairn parent or a Dachshund! 

Why I ended up in the pound is not known, I was picked up as a stray. I do like the girls,  but now after I had the fix I don't get so worked up about them any more, and I get along much better with the boys here.

I am around a year old, all white teeth, heart worm negative, very crate trained, and housetraining is making fast progress. I am a quick study.

I have not been in this here foster home for very long, but I could start looking around in cyberspace if there is someone who has been searching for me! Match!


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At the shelter in South Carolina