At Home!


Yes, I am going home, have been ADOPTED!!


Yes, it's silly me!  I am no Scarlett O'Hara.  More like Alice in Wonderland. All is new to me. Stairs, whassat. OK, got it, slide down and pull up.  SNOW! Edible fluff.  Water is easier to drink.   Rawhide! Chewing gum for dogs, wow. Crate! OK, I'll go in on my own now, it's my temporary home. I came a long way in a crate, traveling day and night from Georgia to NJ. So that I can find a good home. Because where I came from there are so many of us and not enough good homes.  Every day people are dumping us at shelters , and turn around to pick up a fresh puppy. Some people do, but I met other people who did save us from the big metal box where we hear our buddies beg,cry and scratch on the walls. They took us to a boarding kennel where we received good food, took us the the vet for a needle or two and even some kind of fix. And then sent us off with all the papers and a few hugs.
I just got over puppyhood, not even two they think. What breed?  A few breeds for sure, but I do look a little like a PVBG or is it PGVB or PGVB? Whatever, it's a small Griffon, bearded, floppy ears, salon hunting breed , originated in France. So maybe that's going to get me adopted soon. Then again I also might have some of that Wheaton in my genes, and some Beardie!  Now if that does not get me adopted real soon. Now, let's hit the ground: I am a small to medium sized 30 lb fully grown wirehaired dog with floppy ears, a long tail, sturdy feet, and a good disposition. Nothing annoys me. Love other dogs.
Enthousiastic about everything. Quick study, but have to learn to sit down quietly, too much to do right now to rest. But in my crate I am calm. And yes, I am crate trained already and not messy indoors.  Love the outdoors. 
Please Email me so we can meet soon!

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