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I am McRafferty. A long name, especially for terrier. But you can call me McRaff.
I am somewhere between a year and two.  I am a quick learner, and I love people. Also love other dogs, just as long as they don't steal my food right from under my nose.
After all, I was a hungry stray not long ago, and once you have lived off McDonald scraps and chicken bones found in the mean streets, you appreciate a dish of dog food all for yourself.
If you have to ask, yes, I am "fixed", and yes, I am getting the idea of doing my business outdoors.
What breed? Nobody knows for sure, I have a coat, rough coat, that needs to be brushed or I will shed. A long stretch body and short sturdy legs, like a Westie or maybe a Cairn Terrier. Around 20 lbs of me.
Although I really don't like to be locked up,  I now even like my own dog house  - a crate with stuff I found out doors - a real beef bone that another dog has shaped into a small arrow - I hear he has since gone to a great forever home, lucky devil....
I am in a fosterhome and in no danger, they are looking for a home somewhere not too far from here in Northern NJ or New York or maybe PA.

Please click here to send an adoption application

I have a request: If you live in NYC - please do not consider me,
but rather go IN PERSON to this here place:  
- (where I came from before I got bailed out) -
Many of us there need GOOD homes if you get my drift.
Please visit your hometown pound...