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I still feel a bit frazzled, inside and outside.  While at the shelter in SC for almost a month I felt sad and lost. Could not figure out why I ended up there. After all I am not the type to run away from a decent home. I have the "herding dog" personality, a home buddy. And I am only a pup, stick with people because I would be afraid to be out there alone. Maybe the people who owned me did not like that I grew into a 35 lb pup with big feet that probably is not done growing yet. Most of what you see is all fluff though, underneath I am a lightweight dog with a narrow head and body. Shelter thought I might be a Beardie, maybe mixed with a Border Collie? 

So I travelled from SC in great comfort, switching limos every hundred miles. I have never been so pampered and fussed about!  Now I am in a fosterhome, being watched closely to make sure I am healthy and free of intestinal parasites and all that and put on a bit of reserve. I am free of heartworms, that was good news.

I actually love my crate! And I play and play with the dogs here, with endless puppy energy. Figured out that snow is just frozen water and can take it's place after a heated game when the water in the bowel is all frozen up.

Naturally I cannot stay here forever, so I am already letting you know that I AM LOOKING FOR A FOREVER HOME!

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Yes, sometimes I still have that melancholy air and look lost   But I had been at the shelter for almost a month, so that can get a dog down.  But just give me a wink, ask me to sit, and I wag my tail and smile.