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What breed I am? Petite. Have floppy ears. CAN sing up and down the scale, but you rarely hear me, and I am a sweetheart! Makes me a small hound, like a beagle. Then again. my little legs are straight and a bit on the longer side,  and when you see me from a distance you can think there might have been a small dog like a Miniature Pincher in my lineage.  But would yoiu really care what my lineage is,  as long as I am a purfect little dog? Too good to be true? No, I am real, I have lived in a fosterhome in WV for a while, and same story, just so perfect.  I love evveryone! You can trust me with kids.  Even like cats. Not shy, but also not demanding. And I even like to sleep in a cozy  small crate, door open. I would never run away!  Not into chasing squirrels or digging  up baby rabbits. Housetrained,too. On the leash I go where you go. But I don't need  power walks. My favorite exercise is to just follow you around the house.

So what else can yo ask for in a dog?


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Franny is in foster care in Upstate New York.