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Going Home! Love the Snow!


From deep Despair

to Hope ....




Thank you Michele for finding me just in time!

I cannot imagine what would have  happened last Friday when all the other pound dogs went up in ashes...

Please help Michele to find others like me. There are many pounds in that big state of North Carolina where us dogs never ever see the the light of day once we have been impounded. Our only hope is a rescuer like Michele who spends hours driving to those pounds, taking photos and sending them over the internet to other rescuers. Then she takes us from the shelter to her vet. And finds places for us to stay until we can find a ride to a fosterhome North of here!

Please HELP - follow this link to read about HOW you can help!


Makabee expects to travel to Upstate New York next weekend. Interest in adopting her is overwhelmingg. Since she needs at least a week to settle in, we will remove the Petfinder database posting and repost her in a week or so.








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