Misty was rescued from  death in a gas chamber only hours before she was scheduled to die: a GA rescuer saw her huddled on the cold cement floor on the "wrong" side of the pound - the death row. Misty  did  not even have a chance of being posted on the pound's web site. 
Not much is known about her past.  Her behaviour is very submissive, like a young puppy.  When faced with a new environment she tries to hide in a corner, tail between legs. Once she feels safe she behaves like a pup: submissive , playful. Very quiet indoors, and completely crate trained from day one.  Her age was estimated by a vet to be 18 months, but seeing her and hearing her joyous puppy sqeals one cannot think of her as anthing but a pup of maybe 6 months.  Her feet are also proportionately large.  She weighs about 15 lbs now. She looks like a Spaniel mix. All black, silky coat except a little white beard.


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