Lucy aka Misty with friends in the Park  










  Please read about our "kid clause":

Misty is in a foster home in Upstate New York 

I really do not like to look into the eye of a camera.  I try to stare back at it, but it just keeps staring me down! 

Just came here a week ago, and I am getting to know the drill here.  I am in a foster home, and sometimes I have to sleep in a crate. For the first day or so I was very agitated about being such confined. But now I see the point: it is my personal den, and I get to eat my food there, And have a blanket and some old beef bone that belong to me.  Not that I care, I am not into "resource guarding" at all.  I pretty much get along with all dogs here,  Since I am also not into "resource aquisition"  , such as paperwork off the desk,  or shoes, I actually have the run of this place here.  I do open or climb gates, and I would like the freedom to go in and outdoors as I like, but no go so far. Only on a long leash.

So what's my story?   I ended up in a rural Georgia shelter with my brother.  He was adopted, I had the "Urgent, Time up!" label already when I got rescued and finally got a ride North!  I had all that vet stuff done, no heart worm, and now I am getting a little "fattened" up with good real food, I even get to eat apples, carrots and sweet potatoes!  

I am an Aussie/Border Collie mix, or maybe one or the other.  I am not overly active , but rather a laid back observer.  Petite, about 35 lbs but should be 40 lbs at least.

Although I can put on a good herding posture and stare, I don't think I am into that "Working Collie" thing.  I like peace and relaxation.  I learn fast, already knew my name on the 1st day, although I do Listen "selectively".   I really would love to move in with someone who has the time to teach me so I don't get bored. 

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Rudi trying to pull my chain!



at the shelter in Georgia


1st leg of the 2 day relay transport from Georgia to New York


Hard to convince me to change cars, I loved the comfort of all of them 

Last transfer of a two day "railroad" relay transport from GA through SC,NC,VA,MD,PA and NY before the last "leg"  to my foster home.

Thank you Lynn !!
























We rarely if ever place our foster dogs into families with FULLTIME children under 6. Even the most dog experienced parents of respectful small children may become concerned when a dog  growls in the presence of a child and will prefer to remove a potential risk.  Because all of our foster dogs are "second hand" dogs,  experience has taught us not to take any chances. Why not label them with the "no children" sign on the Petfinder database?   Because even potential adopters without small children may associate the "red flag"   with a "bite history"  They  may  not even have a look at a dog who could be a good match for them.

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