Kimo  aka Mo in 2010

Keimo (Mo) is now 95 pounds.  After wondering for quite sometime what breed he is, I managed to find out that he is actually a purebred Akbash.  He is so tall now. People ask me all he time what kind of dog he is and I always thought he was lab/husky.  Someone at the dog park ( a breeder) told me that he was a purebred Akbash and he has all of the physical and mental characteristics. Its truly amazing. 

He has turned out to be the most loyal and loving dog!

Mo the Akbash? click for video link!





Special attention to my tail please!!

Getting ready for the long drive home to Montreal

I am Mo. Back in late August I traveled from South Carolina to this here foster home.  My sister Maddie can tell you all about us! She went home yesterday,  but you can  still find her in cyberspace - HEREThey said I was "the runt", but I have been catching up with Maddie! I now weigh around 30 lbs. I have a coat that is mostly short, but my back and hips are covered with a lamb like curly coat.  I think being a Lab-Collie mix I might end up being 40 -45  lbs when done growing. 

Being almost 6 months old, I have learned a lot already:  I sleep through the night in my large crate. When I have to get out on business, I will let you know in time. I  don't whine, I don't bark much, I am a happy pup. My favorite thing to do, besides eating, is jumping around in the grass like a lamb, grabbing little twigs or just a patch of grass, throw it in the air and catch it. I also love tennis balls and toys, especially fluffy toys. 

Walking n a leash is still a challenge, I don't understand it, I would not run away! But I hear I need to learn it NOW. 

Maddie was the one who always started mischief, like counter surfing and stealing papers off the desk and racing in circles in the house, I, too cannot be trusted with stuff like socks, pillows and shiny DVD's.  I don't mind at all spending quiet time in a large crate, especially when I get a beef marrow bone once in a while!

So are you thinking of getting a DOG?

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