Molly is a small Border Collie -she only weighs 25 lbs and  appears to be is fully grown, brilliant white teeth ,estimated age around 1 year . She was rescued from a GA Animal Control shelter where she ended up as a stray.

She is a smart, vivacious, affectionate little dog, a delight to have around. Obeys like a whistle, and because she is so small and agile and fast she most likely would have great talent as an agility trainee!  Howver all she wants now is a home of her own. 

She is not a runner so would not need a fence.  She is quiet - actually never heard of , undemanding, does not mind waiting for hours. 

Gets along with other dogs, is one of those dogs who rolls on her back immediatley for a belly rub. 

Crate trained and house trained. walks well on leash. 

In other words:  a perfect small version of a border collie, she looks like an eternal BC pup.
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