Look at me!
I need a name! All they can think of is "Monkey". Because I have that monkey face.
I was a stray in a big city.  Not much is known about me, but I am an open book for anyone who can read
a dog's eyes. And although I am fast and love to play, I am actually a quiet dog, I am used to a crate you can tell, and I listen when someone
talks to me. Very thin, having been  a stray, but eating anything in sight, and healthy.
The coat around my eyes and nose was so tangled and knotted it had to be cut.  But you can still see what my coat looks like, it has the "wet" look, in all shades of beige and grey.
I am a light weight, only 18 lbs, and probably around a year old, so I'll stay around 20 lbs.

Can you think of a good name for me? And a good for ever home for me?


Please send an adoption application