I really like my new home (except for the cat he scares me). The food is great! I have more than one bed AND the treats are really good. My favorite time is walking along the river which we do almost every day. This summer my humans got a new boat and we spent a great summer on the water. Actually for me, the humans at the Marina are the best, they all seem to love me. Thank you for rescuing me !

Love Moxie 

Xmas 2011



 Moxie and friends:  What snow?


After a days's hard work. Room for the cat,too!



All I had to my name literally when I traveled from South Carolina was my name: Moxie. I am keeping the name.  I was only a pup of some 6 months, with a mangey coat, but I shed all that.  Now what you see is what I am:  a wirehaired  dog with ears like a shepherd, a poker face, and the personality of a terrier. I can accelerate from standing to 60 m/h in 5 seconds!  Standing in my track when I accelerate not recommended. But I am learning, to pay attention to what is in my tracks, so I can walk on a leash without pulling the weight of the "walker" with me on my race to the other end of the open field. 

I play a little rough with other dogs if they start to play. If they are calm, I am calm and find an old beef bone to work on.

I love my crate! It is sitting high, on top of another crate, for me to perch in, and I spend much time in there even when the door is wide open. Great view out on the backyard, too.

I am healthy now, getting home cooked food, including fish oil, my coat is all wiry and full. I do shed though. There must be s shepherd somewhere in my lineage. My ears. But I am not a big dog, only about 35 lbs and  very portable.

Houise trained and crate trained of course. Fixed, on heartworm prevention

What else do you need to know?  I have the answers!


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