I am growing long roots in this here foster home... I keep coming back after what seems to be a successful adoption lasting some 6 months.  I start to see the pattern now.  I am a perfect little dog in all but one respect. I listen, am fully house trained, am not barky or overprotective and all that stuff. But:   Once I determine who is the boss  in the adoptive home,  I set my mind to being the number two boss, the "vice boss" -of course no pun intended there..  I decide to show the human #2, so far it was the wife, that I am in charge.  In little ways, like discouraging her to enter the study where her hubby -the boss- works. I might growl.  Yes, I even have resorted to the unacceptable - nip her shoes.  She got the message.  And rather then letting me have my way - with her -  she did what any wife would do, Tell her hubby that I had to go.  And the husband reluctantly complies  although he says that if it were not for his wife  he would never give me up because I am the perfect companion. Love to take long walks. Play well at the dog park. So I figure my problem is the pack order. I can be number two, but not lower in rank. There must be a way that somemone can get that out of my system. Like here in this terrier boot camp. I never doubt for a minute that I am NOT number 2 or 3 or 4.  I am a happy equal among equal pack members.  Not a chance I could establish a fiefdom of my own here!  But I am afraid in a family who does not live by  pack order , I might reverse into the social climber with under boss ambition. That is the problem...

I am about 4 years old now, still young. Healthy, fixed, hw negative and all that. Was a run down totally matted and neglected Ohio stray before coming to this foster home.
I love to take walks and I walk like a gentleman! I have unusual colors that change with the angle that you look at me. Blond, black and silverblue all mixed together! Rough coat that grows to a certain length only. I most certainly have a Cairn terrier in my family, but probably also a Lhasa Apso. I am playful with other dogs and always in a good mood! Quiet, do not mind being in a crate although in my adoptive homes I was never crated and had full house privileges. Maybe too many privileges too soon...

Let me know what you think!


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