Napoleon was appropriately adopted by a member of the US Military and now resides in Myrtle Beach.  Here is a recent briefing:

Scruffy - Napoleon is doing just fine! We have taken him to the vet and updated all needed shots.  He has been to the groomer for a bath and hair cut, she stated he was less trouble that some of her other dogs.  He has taken to us and has started to take commands and obey, he appears to love his new home and family.We take him for walks around the neighborhood two times a day and we stop and 
talk with others who are out walking their dogs and scruffy is not aggressive.  He loves to take his bath each week and is not aggressive with us.  He lays in my lap at night until it is bed time. He has become a lovable dog.  The trip to get him was worth the time and trouble.

I am Napoleon. Smart,tough. Found in the Bronx with a chain attached to my collar. You would not believe how nasty I can be when a stranger comes close to me. When I have my space and my routine I am rather  peaceful, and playful, love sqeeky toys. Affectionate,too. Also love other dogs. When I meet an unfixed male, though I corner him and scare him, but I don't get physical.
Don;t know about cats. After all I am part Dachshund, a roughcoated dachshund. You can read about this breed by clicking here - this was a message we received here from a dog lover who is very familiar with us wirehaired dachshunds. I am a mix, and possibly I am part Lhasa or Tibetan Terrier, my tail looks Chinese. 
I am about 2 years old now,healthy,fixed, weigh about 25 lbs.
For obvious reasons I am not a  dog for kids under 30!  As I see it, the only reason I have not yet been dispatched across the Rainbow Bridge to the eternal hunting grounds  is that I  am  terminally cute.(Although I never actually bit anyone-(except once I nipped when I did not get a biscuit right away,only a pat on the back). 
So you could say I am 
  • Unsocialized, 
  • Out of Control Alpha/Dominant
  • In need of a major attitude adjustment

Fuggetabutt packing me up in a crate and transporting me to your home (let alone an apartment!) I would scream bloody murder and you would have to count your digits before and after. But an eperienced alpha human? Maybe! Would have to live in the Northern NJ/NY State area with one hour drive from Paramus. IGNORE me for the first week (I just gave away the secret). I will peacefully live in my crate, do my business outside, as long as nobody tries to get close in the first week or so) Gradually I will try to get attention by behaving well rather than growling and fussing.
(Also, if you want to know what my real name is: It's just plain old SCRUFFY)

Here is my 
attention Napoleon

Pardon my French, but I am totally housebroken.