October 2007



PLEASE take me home!!!



Going Home -Adopted



Why am I still in this here Terrier Bootcamp? I look so very adoptable, doncha think? Well, have a look at me when I was a stray in Ohio in November of 2005 - click - makes you upchuck,yes? I have a feeling my fosterhome is very protective of me and wants to make triple sure that I will never be like this again. And I admit, I can be a dog that some people with the best adopter intentions might sometimes become annoyed at. Although I have become so much less annoying! What can be annoying, I understand, is that I am a very determined dog, or you could also say: thick headed. I will not give up easily. Most of the time I agree with what I am supposed to do. Actually,  to be fair, when I become vocally insistent on getting the proper attention,  there is ususally a good reason for that: I need to get out for urgent biz. I need to stretch my legs when crated too long. I am so hungry when the smell of food is in the air. ANY food, I am an omnivore. I must have been really hungry when I was young, and that is something a dog will never forget.
Another annoyance is that I have a habit of annointing a lot of vertical surfaces outdoors.  Not so much indoors, although it does happen occasionally. Could be because there are so many dog egos here.  And being a little fluffer, I have to make a point.
I do get along well with other dogs, but I mostly do not get too involved, being a "people dog".  I am a natural schmoozer. I prefer to put my paws onto your knees and get a  pat on my  head and maybe even a kiss on my nose.  I am just a very loving fellow, and lots of fun to have around,too! If you have the time, I have the personality to get you away from the TV and off into the park!

I am a mature adult, my age is open to a good guess. I behave like a pup, but my eyes are not as bright and my teeth are not as white as those of a 2 year old. What breed? Might have a Schnauzer among my relatives. And then some other breeds, like a Bichon? 

So if I could be your dog, please let me know, then we could meet and walk and maybe you will take me home!

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my winter coat - it's cold up here





Ohio shelter photos. What a relief when they gradually freed me from the encasement..